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Challenges of Speciality Foods

Hello, and thank you for joining me.  Today we're talking about the challenges of specialty food distribution.

The demands on food distributors are intense.  Luckily, whether you're operating in a general catering sector or niche specialty foods, the Dynamics GP system meets those demands.

  • Can my sales staff quickly respond to customer questions about price, availability, and order status?
  • Am I buying the right inventory, at the right price, at the right time?
  • Am I providing high levels of customer service while carrying optimum levels of inventory?

Microsoft Dynamics GP, combined with the Trinity distribution suite from Dynavistics, provides a flexible and scalable solution with advanced functionality designed to meet the challenges of food distribution.

Creating happy and loyal customers starts with getting the sales process right.   Sales order entry might be the only regular point of contact your customers have with you, so speed, skill and the knowledge of your staff will influence your customers’ perception of your company.  Sales staff who can answer technical inquiries, offer substitutes, introduced promotions and understand your customers’ buying patterns will leave a positive impression.  

Specialty food companies also have specific functional requirements including handling catchweight products, offering free product promotions, and agreeing to reserve stock for customers.

Pricing must be flexible, easily maintained, and encourage long-term customer loyalty.  Dynamics GP accomplishes this with:

  • Date-controlled price lists
  • Customer specific product pricing
  • Quantity breaks and promotions
  • Aggregate pricing
  • And customer rebate functionality.

Getting products into your customers’ hands quickly is also critical.  Streamlined pick/pack/ship workflow ensures that the goods are marshaled correctly and can be picked by individual order or in bulk.  Picking instructions refer to the product and warehouse location and indicate the correct supplier or manufacturer's batch number to use.  This is because Dynamics GP provides specific batch and lot tracking, so food distributors can easily identify which supplier batch fulfilled a specific customer delivery.  This way goods are picked from the oldest date stocked, using the “Best Before” or “Use By” dates. lot traceability, and product recall reporting so distributors can quickly identify the supplier and customers for a batch number.

Advanced Inventory Replenishment is a powerful demand forecasting tool that enables your buyers to set stock policies, understand the nature of demand, and intelligently deploy 15 industry standard formulas at the inventory item level.

Additional inquiry screen enables the buyer to optimize their order size based on target volume and value and support an intelligent buying decision that balances inventory investment with customer service.

For multi-site companies requiring close control of inter branch movements, this system also provides integration, documentation, workflow for internal sales, purchase orders, as well as monitoring and valuation of in-transit at stocks.

Combine the built-in features of Dynamics GP with the advanced functionality of the Trinity suite to get powerful food distribution software.

For more information about Dynamics GP, the Trinity Suite, and Dynavistics, you can call us at 813-642-7230, extension number 409. Or you can email us at

From all of us at Dynavistics, thank you for watching and have a wonderful day!

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Video Transcript Challenges of Speciality Foods Hello, and thank you for joining me. Today we're ...