Trinity - Distribution Software for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Trinity distribution software for Microsoft Dynamics GP enhances every aspect of the supply chain. Transform Dynamics GP into a powerful distribution system.

Transform Microsoft Dynamics GP Into A Powerful Distribution System

  • Is your sales team bogged down with taking orders when they should be busy selling?
  • Is your pipeline hurting because you aren’t able to provide the level of customer service your clients expect?
  • Do you lack inventory control because your warehouse isn’t connected to your sales team?
  • Do you struggle to keep up with price changes and schedules? How about delivery and logistics?

If you answered yes to these or any of the multitude of warehouse and inventory control challenges we hear from our wholesale distribution clients, we’d like to introduce you to our Trinity Distribution Suite for Dynamics GP.

What is Trinity?

Trinity is a collection of advanced distribution features that work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Dynamics GP to enhance every aspect of your supply chain process. Simply put, Trinity turns the basic Dynamics GP inventory modules into a full-featured distribution powerhouse.

Running a successful distribution business requires more than just inventory management. That’s why Trinity was designed to improve every aspect of your distribution operation from sales, pricing, and customer service to purchasing & replenishment, inventory control, and delivery logistics.

When you add Trinity to Dynamics GP, your business becomes more effective, efficient, competitive, and profitable.

Advanced Inventory Replenishment (AIR)

A key component of the Trinity Suite, AIR for Dynamics GP, accurately analyzes inventory and predicts stock demand using industry-standard replenishment calculations.

Mix & Match Modules

Trinity Distribution Suite is comprised of 30 individual modules across 5 functional areas including Sales, Inventory, Pricing, Logistics and Purchasing.

So whether you want to improve your entire supply chain management workflow or just a few select distribution processes, Trinity allows you to mix and match modules so that you have the power to decide which features will meet your individual needs.

TIP: For detailed features and benefits of each component of Trinity, scroll to the graphic at the top of this page and click any individual module you want to see.


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