How relaxing would it be if all your invoices were paid on time?

Accounts Receivable Management Software


How relaxing would it be if all your invoices were paid on time?

Well that will probably never happen, but collect-IT can help make it closer to a reality.

The collect-IT  accounts receivable and credit collections management software lets you find the answer to “where’s my money?” With collect-IT, all the accounts receivable information that could fall through the cracks is kept front and center, where you can act on it.

“Is ABC Company paying on time?”
“If not, when did they say they would pay?”
“Did they pay when they said they would?”

You can consider your accounts receivable, “cool, calm and collected.”

collect-IT works with any ERP or accounting package.

Collect-IT pricing starts at around $10,000. If you speed cash-flow and reduce bad debt on just a few hundred thousand dollars in receivables, you’ll have a solution that makes the business run better and pays for itself in no time.

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Collect IT_ Accounts Receivable and Credit Collections Management Software


Equipment Distribution Company
Tampa, FL

“Collect-It has 100% changed the way we work and has played a big part in supporting the growth of the company. Without this product it would have been nearly impossible to keep up with collection demands for the growing number of clients.”

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