Beverage, Spirit and Wine Software for Dynamics GP

 Our beverage, spirit and wine distribution software for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides everything you need to manage purchasing, inventory, sales order and vehicle loading to help you conquer these challenges and grow profitably.

 The highly-regulated and increasingly competitive beverage, spirit and wine distribution industry has its fair share of challenges including:

  • Providing sales teams with the right tools to meet quotas while maintaining customer service levels
  • Managing accounts receivable and credit collections
  • Maximizing the efficiency of deliveries

Our core beverage, spirit and wine distribution software for Microsoft Dynamics GP provides everything you need to manage purchasing, inventory, sales order and vehicle loading. The premium solution adds delivery and accounts receivable management functionality, giving you and your business a significant competitive advantage in your industry with an end-to-end solution.

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The Core Beverage, Spirit and Wine Distribution Software Solution's Benefits & Functionality



Have the Right Amount of Inventory & Improve Customer Service

  • Generating informed and accurate wine demand forecasts
  • Ensuring you have the right amount of inventory for your customers
  • Automating purchase order (PO) generation
  • Paying wineries and wine vendors the lowest price on every PO
  • Accelerating the process of receipt and invoice matching



Monitor Sales Activity & Guarantee Supply

  • Managing limited availability vintage wine and spirits
  • Reserving inventory for certain customers
  • Maintaining visibility of inventory being transferred between sites
  • Managing cost implications of moving alcohol between bonded 
    and duty paid sites
  • Providing visibility of inventory in multiple units of measure & 
    offering split packs

Sales Order


Increase Sales, Reduce Pricing Errors & Improve Customer Relationships

  • Increasing order entry speed and promotional sales opportunities
  • Charging your customers the right price, every time
  • Minimizing pricing data maintenance
  • Allowing aggregate sales to give your customers the best pricing on a variety of similar products



Optimize Fleet Use & Improve Load Management

  • Specifying the weight, volume capacity and availability of your vehicles
  • Planning workloads and identifying potential obstacles in advance
  • Minimizing required time and mileage with preferred drop sequences
  • Providing customer delivery profiles
  • Maximizing load profitability

The Premium Beverage, Spirit and Wine Distribution Software Solution's Benefits & Functionality

Product Delivery


Acquire Proof of Delivery & Improve Logistics Efficiency

  • Communicating route and manifest updates with your drivers
  • Knowing when your customers’ orders have been delivered
  • Allowing customers to accept or reject orders at point of delivery
  • Capturing electronic signatures
  • Invoicing immediately after delivery confirmation

Accounts Receivable


Get Paid Faster, Reduce Bad Debt & Improve Cash Flow

  • Automating collections workflow
  • Identifying exactly where your money is
  • Attaching invoices & statements to emails
  • Keeping track of collector duties with calendar & task list
  • Providing a complete audit trail for all collections activity
  • Supporting multiple legal enterprises
  • Creating payment plans for customers

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