5 Solutions to Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution


Data Masons specializes in industry-specific, turnkey EDI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The company’s fully-automated Vantage Point EDI solution supports every feature and business process within GP, with a plug-and-play set up that avoids ERP platform customizations, affording users with a quick to implement, cost-effective EDI solution. 

Vantage Point EDI supports all major document standards, including EDI, XML, and flat files, and provides over 50 integrated documents. Data Masons’ flexibility supports direct (no fee) trading or connection to Value Added Network (VAN) services. Clients can also choose to enlist Data Masons’ full service compliance and EDI management option or to manage their own mapping.

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Win new customers and grow revenue from existing customers by providing them online access 24-7 to interact and transact with you instantly at their convenience. Designed to meet the unique eCommerce needs of distribution companies, Website Pipeline offers GP-integrated B2B customer self-service portals that allow your customers to search product catalogs, place orders based on their unique pricing, track orders and shipments, view and pay invoices, manage their account information, and more. Anywhere, any time, on any device.

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SalesPad, LLC provides the premier add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP and delivers easy-to-use tools to enhance your experience making sales, customer service, and distribution teams more efficient and effective. SalesPad’s Data Collection GP is a robust inventory management solution that expedites inventory processes. Users can receive, track, and do stock counts with a hand-held barcode scanner, resulting in optimized inventory management, accelerated inventory transactions, and elimination of data entry errors.

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Superior supply chain function and efficiency are the hallmarks of a successful distribution company. What’s their secret? How to spot vulnerability. Creating a tax-efficient procurement process is the best way to protect your business in the supply chain’s high-risk audit environment.

The more relationships you have with suppliers, resellers, drop shippers and customers, the more complicated compliance gets. Automate sales tax rate calculation, certificate management, and return filing and remitting, all from the cloud. It’s fast, easy, accurate, and affordable with Avalara.

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Dynavistics is a leading provider of enterprise software and turnkey consulting for growing businesses. Its software includes collections management, delivery management, trade promotion management, wholesale and distribution solutions that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics® ERP systems.The mission of Dynavistics is to provide breakthrough software and services that significantly increase effectiveness, efficiency and profit.

The software is designed to automate routine processes, improve productivity and empower business growth. Dynavistics helps Microsoft Dynamics clients reduce bad debts and improve cash flow through customizable collection strategies and prioritized collection tasks provided by its collections management software, Collect-IT.

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