Collect-IT: Accounts Receivable and Credit Collections Management Software


Introducing the accounts receivable management and credit collections software from Dynavistics, Collect-IT. Reduce bad debt, improve cash flow, and grow your business with Collect-IT. For more information and to request your personalized demo, please Click here

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Collect IT: Accounts Receivable and Credit Collections Management Software

Dynavistics is a leading provider of enterprise software and turnkey consulting for growing businesses.  Our software includes:

  • Collections management
  • Delivery management
  • Trade promotion management
  • Wholesale and distribution solutions that integrate with a wide variety of ERP systems.

Our goal is to provide breakthrough software and services that significantly increase effectiveness, efficiency and profit.

In this video, we will demonstrate how the Collect-IT account receivable and collection management software will answer your question, “Where is my money?”  

With its automated workflow, Collect-IT reduces the time spent collecting invoices through programmed email messages, detailed task lists, and up-to-date calendars.  The home screen is tailored to each user, showing them current tasks, user defined account status, day sales outstanding, and an aging.  Each section is interactive and has drill down capabilities showing you additional information.

The backbone of Collect-IT is the strategies.  Strategies are sets of rules that are used to create events, create tasks, set invoice status, or even set a custom status.  These strategies are assigned to customers and they run at predetermined intervals based upon your setup.  

The calendar is used by a collector to view all of their assigned tasks.  They may also see tasks assigned to other collectors.  Tasks may be created manually as a follow-up to a previous collection activity, or they may be created as a result of a strategy.  

Double-click on a task to open the account screen.  Here you will find information about the customer including open balance, credit limit, unpaid invoices and more.  The checked invoices are the invoices that the task was created for, but others can be selected when making a call.  By selecting work invoice, you can log your activity, view the actions scheduled for the call, and select the person to be contacted.  

Select from a predefined list of company specific responses.  These responses may be dependent on the action being taken.  If I am making Call 2, then duplicate invoices may not be an appropriate response, forcing the collector to move further into the collections process.  You will also be able to select from a predefined company status list.  Here you may set the next action and next action date.  If there are no changes, then the strategy will pick up the invoices again if no payment is made.  

You may add work notes about the information gathered on a call.  If the customer requests, you may send duplicate copies of the invoice or statement by clicking the send letter button.  In the email editor, you may select from predefined letter templates, attach your documents, and send the email.  You also have the option to include copies of the invoices and statement.

When you complete the task, you will automatically return to the account screen.

Our application will help your credit department start the collection process earlier, decrease day sales outstanding, and improve cash flow.

Contact Dynavistics for a personalized demo and to see how an accounts receivable and collection management system can benefit your business.


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