The Trinity Item Manager module from Dynavistics takes existing Microsoft Dynamics GP Item maintenance a step further. It allows not just the copying of GP data, but also any item data associated with Trinity modules when creating a new item based on an existing one.

Trinity Item Manager contains two features:

· Copy Item Wizard

· Assign/Unassign Sites Wizard

With standard Microsoft Dynamics™ GP the creation of new items, no matter how similar, must be performed individually. The Copy Item Wizard allows the user to choose one existing item as a template and then copy selected information from this item to generate unlimited new item master records.

Let’s look at it in action: Standard Microsoft Dynamics GP and Trinity options.

The wizard allows me to confirm the standard GP options I want to copy, as well as, any installed Trinity data such as Catchweights, Vehicle Load Planning, Vendor pricing, Duty Processing or Advanced Inventory Planning. If I wish to use this selection in the future, I can store it as a template to recall at a later date I have the option to either enter new item codes and descriptions manually, or take them from a flat file. The flat file should contain a list of item Numbers, Descriptions and item short name. However, for this example I will go back one screen and select manual. All I have to do is supply the new item code, description and short name NEW123 Full name Short name I can review the verification screen Once created I have the option to immediately view it in item maintenance.

The Assign/Unassign Sites Wizard allows the user to perform mass assigning of items to and from sites. Rather than removing obsolete stock from a site one item at a time, you can now remove a whole range of items from a site.

To summarize the Item manager module: Allows the user to

· copy item details to create a new item which will include Trinity specific information

· and perform mass allocation or removal of items to or from a selection of sites

Well I hope you found this interesting and if you would like to know more please schedule your free demonstration today

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