Inventory Item Manager for Dynamics GP

Easy-to-use advanced tools and options for the management of inventory and copying inventory items in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Managing an inventory of thousands of items is a time-consuming task involving a high risk of error. In today’s fast-moving environment, new items and brands are constantly being introduced and replaced. That’s where the Item Manager module for Dynamics GP comes in.  Part of the Trinity Distribution Suite, Item Manager provides a fast and error-proof method for creating whole ranges of items across many sites – all in just minutes!

Item Manger: Copy Inventory Items in Dynamics GP

Copy Inventory Items in Dynamics GP - Item Manager



Key Features

Key features and benefits of Item Life Cycle for Dynamics GP include the following:

Item Copy Wizard

The wizard allows you to choose one existing item as your template and then copy selected information from this item to generate more item master records. For new items, you can enter codes and descriptions one by one or merge this automatically from an external file. The wizard will also provide a previewfile with an alert for any error conditions.

Item Site Assign Wizard

This wizard allows you to carry out mass allocation of items to a selection of sites at one time, and just as easily reverse the process by un-assigning obsolete items.

Enhancing Your Dynamics GP Software

The Trinity Item Manager module takes existing Microsoft Dynamics GP item maintenance a step further. It allows not just the copying of GP data, but also any item data associated with Trinity modules when creating a new item based on an existing one. The wizard allows you to confirm the standard Dynamnics GP options you want to copy, as well as any installed Trinity data such as Catchweights, Vehicle Load Planning, Vendor Pricing, Duty Processing, or Advanced Inventory Planning.

The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Item Manager module will benefit your inventory management process and business operations in the following ways:

Item Range Set-Up

Items are typically introduced in ranges with only minor variation of description. All other information can be replicated across all items. With the item manager wizard, you can set up just one item and then merge in a simple three column spreadsheet to generate multiple items in a matter of minutes.

One further step in the wizard will pass these items to every site in the organization. Many businesses may use sites to show stock held by individual salesmen, or even categories of stock. In this context it is not unusual to have a dozen or more sites. The 100 new item records can be turned into 1200 item site records in less than a minute.

Mass Un-Assign

Until now, the withdrawal of a range of items from a site usually has to be done on an item-by-item basis. With Item Manager, simply enter a range of items and a range of sites to complete this process.

Link to Other Modules

Combine the power of Item Manager with the Item Life Cycle module to not only create your new items, but to also assign them a trading status. For example, if you require items on your inventory for purchase that are not yet released for sale, the Item Manager will allow you to automatically set this status information on all ‘cloned’ items.

Improved Accuracy

The wizard is so easy to use so that even the most occasional user of the system can confidently take advantage of it. Any user setting up, for example, 50 items in detail would typically expect to make a number of errors. At best, there is a need for a separate checking process. With Item Manager, the user needs to get just one item right and the rest will follow automatically.

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