Vendor Price Management Enhancement

The tools and vital information you need to support decisions in the buying and purchasing process.

Distribution includes the entire supply chain of activity from product sourcing through to successful delivery and satisfied customers. One vital early link in the chain is accurate tracking of vendor pricing. This data provides vital information to support decisions in the buying process. Looking further down the chain, an accurately priced purchase order will reduce administration costs by speeding up the process of receipt and invoice matching, as well as improving accuracy of cost of sales.

All of this (and more!) is why we developed the Vendor Price Management module – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite built exclusively for Dynamics GP.

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How to Manage Vendor Contract Price in Dynamics GP


Key Features

Key features of Vendor Price Management for Dynamics GP include the following:

Vendor Contracts

Provides the ability to peg a whole set of vendor prices to a contract number with a start and expiry date. This also enables the setting up of planned and provisional contracts as well as those that are current.


Individual Vendor Prices

Allows for the creation of a date based price record that can hold price, start and end date and quantity breaks. Dates can be amended globally as new deals are implemented. The user can set up ‘note only’ vendor prices to allow recording of non-standard agreements.

Purchase Order Entry Prompt

Enables the setting of an automatic pop-up window for the buyer during purchase order entry where price options exist.

Enhancements to Purchase Order Generation

New decision support tools in purchase order generator line items are highlighted where quantity break prices
are available or where there is an imminent price change. Facility to include non-recommended items in the purchase order generator list at zero quantity.

Vendor Price Inquiry

A new inquiry program allows simple comparison of multiple vendor price contracts against the same item.

Auto Purchase Order Generator for Groups of Vendors

Allows the user to create logical groups of vendors then run automatic purchase order generator for one or more groups to match the buyer’s purchasing diary.

Order Valuation in Auto Order Generator

Gives the buyer a quick view of potential spend per vendor in an automatic purchase order generator prior to creating purchase orders.

How It All Benefits Your Business

When you combine Vendor Price Management with your existing Dynamics GP software, you’ll have the features and flexibility to:

Improve Buying Power – With up-to-date vendor prices already in place the buyer can see at a glance from whom they can buy most effectively. At individual line level the buyer will be alerted to quantity break price opportunities. Combined with Purchase Order History information this also enables more effective and informed price negotiation.

Enhance Administrative Efficiency – With orders accurately priced up from the outset and the opportunity to quote, where relevant, the vendor’s contract number on documentation, invoice matching queries and discrepancies can be radically reduced.

Reduce Labor Time and Improve Accuracy – Vendors today typically supply their prices in downloadable form. The presence of a vendor price list facility within the application provides the potential ability to import this data automatically without costly data input that may also introduce errors.


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