ITA Fall 2022 Applied Improv

Session: Practical/Applied Improvisation For Leaders

Want to do something fun and out-of-the-box at ITA?

Say Hello to Practical/Applied Improvisation for Leaders in Austin, TX .

When? Monday, Dec 5th at 1:15 PM!

Join Julian Schrenzel, Improv-Alive, Mark Severance, RKL, and Dynavistics' own, Pamela McDaniel, for an Applied/Practical Improv class that deliver lasting results! It is all about relationships and being in the moment.

Want to see Applied/Practical Improv in action?

Check the video below: 



This interactive workshop for business leaders will provide the chance to learn and try out some new "soft" skills in a high-fun, low-stress, and supportive environment. Learn how Improvisational Thinking and Action can help you to manage your employees with confidence and create a workplace culture that fosters employee satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. If your brain can’t handle one more PowerPoint deck and lecture, be prepared for an entirely different kind of session. Get ready to engage and interact with fellow ITAers, and leave with a number of helpful new tools you can start using with your teams immediately.

Want to learn more? Check out the games we will play below.

  • Yes, and Corridor
  • The Worst Improv Scene Ever
  • Word-At-A-Time
  • Squirrel/Net/Tree
  • Freeze Tag
Additional Information: Workshop Games

If you have any questions about the session or general questions about how we can help you, contact Dynavistics today!


Want to learn more about Dynavistics?

Who we are (in 67 seconds): About Us Video




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