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Cavallo’s Analytics Cloud is the industry’s first state-of-the-art business intelligence platform for real-time order visibility to spot bottlenecks and drive value. Cavallo's Analytics Cloud delivers real-time analysis to guide optimization for distribution businesses – all powered by machine learning. Analytics Cloud plugs into your existing technology stack to provide an instant look into the health of your distribution operations. Uncover inefficiencies, streamline bloated processes, and recover lost profits. Remove the limits from your data retrieval and analysis capabilities, and keep decision-making clear and simple.

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Cavallo compiles point-in-time data for every order in your system to provide benchmarks of each process in your company. Compare these benchmarks with the current status of your operations to uncover where you can further refine your distribution operations.

Distribution analytics allows you to discover your normal, then put measures in place to enhance company performance. Respond to abnormal issues before they cause costly mistakes.

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