Impact of Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap on You

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Recently we heard the rumor that GP is no longer being supported beyond 2025, and we are receiving questions from clients and others about Microsoft discontinuing Dynamics GP and forcing customers off the platform.  We have also heard rumors that GP was no longer supported in 2028, 2021, 2018…  Well, that is not true, and some ERP companies are using a recent Microsoft Dynamics announcement as a fear tactic.  

This article will attempt to explain the recent announcement and provide some direction on the roadmap.

What is going on with Microsoft?

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1) Microsoft is focused on its cloud-based subscription ERP products and will spend more money developing and marketing these applications than their on-premises perpetual licensed offerings.

2) Microsoft has published a roadmap showing support and ongoing development for GP through at least 2028.

That announcement can be found at this Microsoft link: Dynamics-GP/Terms/Lifecycle

3) Microsoft wants to make money from their customers, so prices are increasing.

4) Microsoft will discontinue support for Dynamics GP at some point in the future, but they have not announced when.  

What is going on with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

In plain English... Microsoft is trying to encourage businesses to move from Dynamics GP and BC on-premises solutions to - hopefully – subscription-based Dynamics BC or F&O. 

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics BC Myth Busters, click here.

How are they doing this?

1) By April 2025, stopping new sales of GP perpetual license sales. At this point, new GP sales will only be sold as subscriptions.

2) By April 2026, stopping new sales of GP subscription sales.

3) October 1, 2023: 

    1. Increasing the cost of subscription and foreign country perpetual license sales.

    2. Increasing the cost of Enhancement and Advantage Plans.

Any impact on you?

How does this announcement impact you as a current GP user in the next 1-5 years? 

1) Immediately - Not a whole lot.  You will see a 1%-point increase in your Enhancement and Advantage Plans.  However, GP is an incredibly stable, robust product with a strong ecosystem and still has over 30,000 customers.  You have been running it for years and there is no reason you cannot continue to do so.  

2) In the next 2 to 3 Years – Microsoft will stop new sales of on-premises products.  If you spin off a company or start an unrelated business, then you may not be able to put the new company on Dynamics GP on-prem.  However, current customers can still add modules and users.

3) In 5 Years – Microsoft Dynamics GP Road map lists development and support through 2028 and beyond.

What are you telling your clients and partners? 

Thanks for asking!  Here is what we are telling our clients:

Now is not the time to panic, but it is the time to plan.  There is no need to feel fear or rush into a decision.  We are asking our clients to meet with us for a need analysis and to determine both short- and long-term plans.  There is plenty of time to decide if and when you wish to change business operations software.  

The options we present are:

1) Stay on Dynamics GP.  This makes sense if the business processes are relatively standard or if the business plans a future sale and does not want to be disrupted.

2) Not sure what you want to do?  Review your needs to determine if you need to move to a new business operations system.

3) If you want a new business operations platform, then let’s start looking.  Here are the ballpark timelines to evaluate and completely implement a new system: 

    1. Small Business – 6 to 12 months.

    2. Medium Business – 12 months to 2 years, depending on complexity. 

    3. Large Business – 2 to 3 years.

Dynavistics is here for you

Rest assured you have the support of both Microsoft and Dynavistics for years to come. This gives you the flexibility to plan your ERP and business operations platform short term and long term according to your firm's needs and select the option and time which suits you.

We understand some companies may be interested in exploring browser-based or on-premise applications like: Dynamics Business Central, Dynamics F&O, NetSuite, Acumatica, SAP, Workday, etc. We are ready to offer our assistance with reviews, demos, and implementations.  We prioritize providing our customers with complete and accurate information to make informed decisions.

If you have questions or require help with ERP and business operations platform planning, please do not hesitate to contact us at Dynavistics is committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your firm at the right time.  




About Todd McDaniel


Todd McDaniel is a partner at Dynavistics, a Microsoft partner and software development company.  Todd is a financial and MIS professional with a successful record of applying new and existing technology solutions to enterprise-wide operations.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida Southern College, as well as Certified Public Accountant, Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and Microsoft Dynamics GP Master Certifications.

Todd has a broad range of computer and accounting experience including: hardware and software implementation, help desk management, software and database development, systems consulting, technology planning, tax preparation and planning, and general and cost accounting. 
Todd began his Dynamics career in Atlanta before working for Ideal Solutions, ePartners, and ACE Microtechnology in Tampa, FL.  Todd currently manages the development and sales operations for Dynavistics including the design of new software features, production of sales collateral, management of partner relationships, and customer relationship management. He founded Enterprise Software Podcast in May of 2014 and is a periodic podcaster emeritus.

If you have any questions about Dynamics GP, BC, F&O, or other business platforms or general questions about how we can help you, contact Dynavistics today!


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