SmartList for the Rest of Your Apps - Eone Webinar

Data Display with Popdock - Eone Webinar

SmartList for the Rest of Your Apps

Watch the Eone system in action!

Do you wish you had something like Smartlist for GP across all your apps?

Everyday, we use numerous cloud and on-premise applications to access data we need to make decisions. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could quickly query data from multiple systems, in a single interface? Enter Popdock, the end user query and data display tool that gives you a SmartList like interface for all your applications.

Popdock extends the concept of Dynamics GP SmartLists to provide SmartLists for all your business applications, so you can get access to the right data, real-time where you want it - within the Popdock web client, embedded within your system, from the add-in within Excel, or even the Popdock mobile app.

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Features and Benefits

  • Build a custom list that combines data across multiple sources (60+ connections are available).
  • Comprehensive filtering everyone can use.
  • Group, summarize and filter your data on the fly
  • Access data from all your other business productivity apps.
  • Embed a Popdock list in other applications, where your team works.
  • Take your data everywhere via your mobile device.

Get access to the right, real-time data when and where you want it.

Additional Information:


Reporting should not be an afterthought.

Popdock is the solution for disparate reporting.

A modern business uses more than 15 different software applications. Reporting in silos limits how well your team can do their jobs. Manually consolidated reports will have errors and be inaccurate. Popdock integrates all your data from on-premise and cloud applications into a single app – in real time. Popdock is the answer for all your integrated BI and daily reporting needs.

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