Automatically calculate pricing and allowances. Measure the anticipated and actual impact of rebates, adjustments, and allowances on margin and commission.

Pricing, Adjustments, and Rebates


Pricing, Adjustments, and Rebates Made Simple

PAR extends the functionality of sales order in Microsoft Dynamics. Designed to facilitate the billing and remittance issues when selling to retail chains, PAR also provides powerful tools for budgeting and performance tracking.

PAR automatically calculates pricing and allowances following order entries, as well as measures anticipated and actual impact of rebates, adjustments, and allowances on margin and commission. Total costs are known and available, and data is generated for analysis of program effectiveness. PAR can solve any problems related to inaccurate pricing by automating the pricing assurance process.

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Key Screens and Benefits


Sales Promotion Pricing

From the sales item detail entry screen, multiple price adjustments, promotion categories, and deductions are clearly definable. Percentage and dollar amount calculation types are available, which can be entered as either deductions or charges. Contracts are date sensitive and allow for limited-time promotions to be added to the basic contract for the customer. Rebates and chargebacks can be easily tracked and applied from cash receipt entry to the General Ledger distribution.

Deduction Management

Deduction Management includes a defined General Ledger and Accrual account for each adjustment line. This allows for the expense to match the exact entity, whether individual, parent/child, or national account. Remittances with deductions are easily handled with this module.


Complete Analysis

Pull all the data from Sales Promotions and Deductions together for a complete picture of costs, outstanding liabilities, and deductions pending approval. Reports are also available which can detail the exact items and transactions making up the balances.

Budget Creation

Utilizing the planning capabilities within PAR, a wide variety of promotional budget scenarios can be created with a simple click of the mouse. Following forecast calculation, suggested quantities and associated revenues are displayed in the promotional scenario.


Budget Obects

Promotional forecasts can run against sales or they can focus on specific ranges of customers and products. Customers and the items attached to customers can be added or deleted at any time and the budget can be updated to reflect this change.

Budget Analysis

When the budget is calculated, the detail for each budget object is created. This gives not only the quantities but also the complete revenue picture. Forecasts quantities and costs can be modified and the process repeated to determine the most successful promotional campaign for your business.


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PAR can improve the efficiency of your promotion management.