Operational Excellence: Move Payroll to the Cloud

Achieving Operational Excellence :

Moving Payroll to the Cloud 

During the past couple of decades, an increasing number of business applications began moving to the cloud. Driven by a combination of lower costs, increased computing power, and faster connections, cloud-based platforms became a cost-effective way to support a growing organization. As with any emerging technology, however, there were some holdouts.

As COVID-related restrictions began to reshape the world of work, extending services, software, and support to a geographically dispersed workforce became more than a "nice-to-have". For most organizations, web-based applications evolved into a “must-have” piece of technology.

“In their Cloud Migration Market Report 2022-2027, Modor Intelligence sights significant reasons for migrating to the cloud are scalability, increased effectiveness, faster implementation, mobility, and disaster recovery.”

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Employer Struggles

Today, as employers struggle to find their footing in the new “now of work,” those who have not made the move to the cloud are finding new reasons to do so. Applications that have historically been hosted “on-premises” (installed on company-owned servers or individual systems) – such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), payroll, and HR (Human Resources) platforms – are being phased out. 

Why Move Payroll to the Cloud First

Whether your organization is looking to move to the cloud due to internal initiatives or, as is increasingly the case, vendors are sunsetting on-premises solutions in favor of cloud-based alternatives, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Moving ALL your systems to the cloud at once presents some risk.
    Even if you helm a small operation, a “big bang” approach to cloud migration could introduce unintended delays, challenges, and inefficiencies… particularly if you encounter any technical glitches or other disruptions.
  • Executing your cloud strategy one platform at a time mitigates that risk.
    Instead of moving all at once, moving applications individually provides for a more measured, more controllable path forward. Selecting where to begin should be made based on which will have the greatest potential for a positive impact on your business and your employee base.
  • Starting with Payroll is a natural choice.
    Payroll is one application that truly impacts every employee, can be implemented quickly, and your first few runs can be done in parallel with your existing systems to ensure accuracy and completeness.



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