Solving the Collection Automation Issues with Microsoft Dynamics

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By David Schmidt

NACM Preferred Partner

Another issue that periodically surfaces in our forum is automating collections within a Microsoft Dynamics environment.  Over the years, Microsoft purchased a number of popular mid-range ERP vendors, including Great Plains and Navision.  These products have subsequently been updated and integrated into a suite of ERP products that is now called Microsoft Dynamics.

The problem we hear from our readers is that Microsoft Dynamics does not provide much in the way of automated collection functionality.  When their companies migrate to one of the Dynamics products, the credit department is often faced with the loss of automation tools that had been built into their legacy software.  Rebuilding this functionality into Dynamics often is not possible or is, at best, a very low priority due to limited IT resources.

Dynavistics addresses this issue with a bolt-on collection solution that was specifically built for Microsoft Dynamics.  Dynavistics provides the collector with a single unified desktop tool for managing collections that operates seamlessly with Microsoft’s products as well as other ERP solutions.  The collection tool provides prioritized collection tasks that are driven by a very flexible and easy-to-set-up workflow engine.  Follow-up activities are integrated within the system using the Calendar function, in which notes are tied to a customer’s invoices. Dynavistics also easily embeds information in Microsoft office; for example, account information is easily exported to Excel.

Moreover, the software is accessible to small companies and credit departments since the price per user is just $1,200 per year. At that price level, the return on investments for the software will pay for itself in short order through the productivity gains the collectors will realize.



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