Is It Time to Replace Dynamics GP?

Upgrade Legacy ERPTop 8 Reasons to Replace Dynamics GP with NetSuite 

Is your business running on Dynamics GP? If so, you are probably like many Dynamics GP users across the country considering replacing their legacy Dynamics GP system. So how do you know when it's time to replace yours?  Whether you are on Dynamics GP, Sage 100, or some other legacy ERP system, here are 8 good reasons why NetSuite should be at the top of your list of software platforms to evaluate.

Download this informative business guide to learn how replacing your Dynamics GP system with NetSuite will help modernize your business and increase your profits. Avoid the same traps with your next decision and protect your investment when you make the commitment to improve your company's performance and profits. It's a good time to explore a fully functional, modern, cloud-based ERP system like NetSuite.  

Click below to read this 6-page business guide: 

Replacing Dynamics GP

In this business guide, we explore 8 reasons why NetSuite should be at the top of your list when replacing your legacy ERP. 

8 Reasons Businesses Choose NetSuite 

  1. Moving to NetSuite is easier than transitioning
    from Dynamics GP to Dynamics BC (formerly Dynamics Business Central)
  2. NetSuite has a mature, time-tested cloud product offering
  3. Choose your own implementation timetable
  4. NetSuite is in it for the long haul - NetSuite is a long-term and scalable solution owned by Oracle, a U.S. based company
  5. Get the most value for your ERP dollars - rapid ROI 
  6. Pick your own VAR (value-added-reseller) like Dynavistics
  7. Access a large ISV marketplace for integrated add-on solutions  
  8. Don't settle for second best when moving from a mature solution like Dynamics GP. 

Do Not Settle for Second Best When Replacing Your Legacy ERP System 

"If you have not looked at NetSuite in the last five to seven years,” said Todd, “It is time to put it on your ERP shopping list.” Todd McDaniel, Vice President, Dynavistics, Inc.

We understand that no business that has been running on a legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for 10-20 years wants to think about what it will take to replace that solution.  Not only are there software license costs associated with a new system, there is also always the associated training cost for users to learn and adapt to the new system. Of course, there are many more reasons why a business will decide to replace the old system. Here are common reasons businesses make the uncomfortable and disruptive change from the old system to a modern ERP, like NetSuite.

7 Reasons Why It's Time for a Change

  1. Limited reporting with NO analytics and way too much data to manage
  2. Poor communication and access to data across departments, companies, vendors, and customers 
  3. Lack of integration between disparate systems (ex: accounting, e-commerce, shipping, bar-code scanners, manufacturing)
  4. Losing competitive edge with poor customer retention and acquisition - your business is not easy to do business with according to employees, customers, and other business partnerships.
  5. Missing functionality and is not scalable - even limiting growth potential
  6.  Limited or no remote access 
  7. When the cost of doing nothing outweighs the cost of a modern ERP - eroding profits

If you want NetSuite ERP implemented correctly the first time by a trusted partner, call us today at 813-642-7230. You will not only gain from our expertise in the wholesale, distribution, transportation, and professional services industries, but you will come away with a fully optimized NetSuite ERP that aligns with your end-to-end business processes.

Why Work with Dynavistics NetSuite ERP Consultants 

Over the last 15 years, Dynavistics has worked with more than 500 companies in 12 different countries. Our consultants have an average of 20 years of experience with ERP systems across hundreds of implementations. Along with NetSuite experts, Dynavistics’ team also includes Certified Public Accounts (CPAs), Project Management Professionals (PMPs), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

If you are ready to make the switch to a unified, modern ERP that will help take your company to the next level and beyond, contact us on our website, call 813-642-7230 or email to request a free consultation and demo today.


NetSuite ERP Consultants

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