Go-live and Thrive with a NetSuite Implementation Consultant

6 Ways a NetSuite Implementation Consultant Delivers Successful Results

NetSuite Implementation ConsultantsNetSuite is designed to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and empower you with the information you need to deliver outstanding customer service and reach growth goals. The rewards are high and so are the risks of implementation failure. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation failure rates are between 55% and 75% according to The Gartner Group.

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Most ERP implementation failures can be avoided with the right support team. Collaboration with an experienced and certified NetSuite implementation consultant will help you get the most out of your investment. A NetSuite implementation consultant is key to getting up and running on time and on budget. Implementing a modern ERP solution like NetSuite gives you the opportunity for a complete business transformation. The goal is to deploy well-designed processes, procedures, and systems so your teams can efficiently execute their daily tasks and exceed company goals as well as customers' expectations.

6 Expectations of an Experienced NetSuite Implementation Consultant

  1. Internal team – Your employees are the best source for details on the day-to-day operations. Your ERP consultants will need access to your internal teams to assist with a successful implementation. It's best to include your employees performing daily tasks since NetSuite is designed to streamline processes and improve the efficiency of task completion. Ideally, you will create an internal steering committee. This team usually consists of C-level stakeholders, a project manager for oversight, and a core team with IT and key users from each department.
  2. Project management – Your implementation consultant will help set expectations about the amount of work involved by your internal team for a successful implementation. They have the experience to help keep the project on schedule and within budget. Keep in mind that any changes you request along the way that are not part of the initial scope will increase the cost. Good project management, with frequent communication and status updates, is essential for a successful implementation.
  3. Business process improvement – An experienced consultant has the product knowledge to apply NetSuite’s capabilities to fit the unique requirements of your business. Implementing a new ERP as powerful and flexible as NetSuite presents the opportunity to identify, improve, or eliminate processes that aren’t working. Your consultant will guide you on the best approach to adjust or eliminate any inefficient processes.
  4. Training – In our experience, the happiest customers have the training they need to be self-sufficient. Allocating enough time and effort in training users will help ensure user adoption. Plan for training during the initial rollout and ongoing training for new employees and advanced training for power users.
  5. Support – Our ERP consultants will continue to work with you for the lifetime of your NetSuite investment. You will need ongoing access to support resources to get the most out of your new system. Make sure your consultant has a good reputation for support. It's critical to get the help you need when you need it.
  6. Optimize over time – NetSuite will provide you with the business intelligence to become more strategic. Your NetSuite ERP consultant is a resource to extend your capabilities with any necessary 3rd-party solutions, customization, or additional automation that was not part of the initial setup and implementation.

Take a collaborative approach with an experienced NetSuite implementation consultant and reduce the risk of severe organizational disruption and unexpected costs.

Why Work with Dynavistics' NetSuite Team

You can count on our experts at Dynavistics to deliver a superior NetSuite solution implemented correctly the first time. Our mission is to provide breakthrough software and services that significantly increase effectiveness, efficiency, and profit. The ERP solutions we implement, support, and develop are designed to automate routine processes, improve cash flow, and empower business growth. You get the benefit of our expertise in Wholesale, Distribution, Transportation, and Professional Service industries to help you optimize and your business processes with NetSuite supply chain and manufacturing solutions.

For more than 15 years, Dynavistics has helped 500 clients in 12 countries. Our consultants have,  on average, 20 years of experience with ERP systems, and performed hundreds of ERP implementations. In addition to NetSuite certified consultants, our team includes Certified Public Accounts (CPAs), Project Management Professionals (PMPs), Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs), and Microsoft Certified Trainers (MCTs).

Contact us today! Call us at 813.642.7230 ext. 409 or email.

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