Inter-Site Transfers for Dynamics GP

Continually track inventory stock in transit.

Having the right amount of inventory is a key goal for any distributor. In situations where stock is needed in another location, it’s important that the inventory is accounted for and tracked while in transit. That’s where the Inter-Site Transfers Module comes in – part of  the Trinity Distribution Suite built exclusively for Dynamics GP.

Our Inter-Site Transfers module allows you to set up “In-Transit” sites to continually track stock during the period where the inventory is in transit and isn’t quite located at either site – whether it is being transferred across a state, or across the country.

Key Features

Key features of Inter-Site Transfers for Dynamics GP include the following:

Stock Transfer

The facility to transfer stock between sites while maintaining continual inventory visibility.

In-Transit Sites

Multiple in-transit sites can be set up in the Inter-Site Details Maintenance window.  In-Transit sites are used solely for the allocation of inter-site transfers and represent the period during which items are at neither the purchasing nor the selling site.

Internal Debtors and Creditors

Internal debtors and creditors are used primarily in sales and purchasing transactions where debtors and creditors must be entered.  All sites involved in the inter-site transfers should have internal debtor and internal creditor values assigned to them in the Inter-Site Details Maintenance window.

Purchase Order Creation

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Purchase Order window has been given added functionality by the Inter-Site Transfers module to create purchase orders for inter-site transfers. Inter-site purchase orders can also be generated automatically using the Dynamics GP ‘Generate Suggested Purchase Orders’ window.


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