Features to Enhance Dynamics GP for Sales

Is your sales team bogged down with taking orders when they should be busy selling?

Having trouble scheduling and assigning outbound sales calls? Looking for additional opportunities to up-sell during sales calls? Need a method to track and analyze your customers’ buying patterns? Is your pipeline hurting because you aren’t able to provide the level of customer service your clients expect? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have a solution for you. Below you’ll find 15 features to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP for sales:

Features & Screenshots

1) Add attributes

Add attributes to an item and search by those attributes in sales order entry. Click here for your solution.

2) Schedule Sales Calls


 Schedule and assign outbound sales call schedules. Click here for your solution.

3) Track Sales Calls


Track all outbound sales calls with responses, failed calls, and sales transactions. Click here for your solution.

4) View Order History

View customer order history in sales order entry. Click here for your solution.

5) Order History to Sales

Use customer order history to create new sales orders. Click here for your solution.

6) Purchasing Restrictions


Restrict customer to purchasing from a specific list of items. Click here for your solution.

7) Search Items


Search items in sales order entry with any part of the item number or description. Click here for your solution..

8) Copy Sales Templates


Copy historical sales templates to new customers. Click here for your solution.

9) Allocate Stock


Allocate stock to customer orders based on requested ship date and lead time. Click here for your solution.

10) imply Create Sales Orders

Simply create sales orders split across multiple deliveries without manually entering each line. Click here for your solution.

11) Prompt Sales Order Entry

Prompt sales order entry for users with complementary items when a trigger item is entered on a sales document. Click here for your solution.

12) View Open Transactions


View customer's open transactions, item sales, addresses, aging, and history all from one screen. Click here for your solution.

13) Search for Customers


Search for customers based on address, document, or item sold. Click here for your solution.

14) Restrict Sales Searches


Restrict sales searches by site. Click here for your solution.

15) Proactive Warnings


Create proactive warnings when customer sales patterns change. Click here for your solution.

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