Unit of Measure

The Unit of Measure Management module allows you to view inventory balances in a number of GP windows in alternate units of measure - not just the base unit. It also provides the facility to specify items as “split pack” items.

Products come packaged in many shapes and sizes. Buying by the pallet, counting by the case, selling by the carton, or even individually. At the end of the day, you need to look at sales performance in one consolidating unit (e.g. tonnage, liters, or cases).  That’s where the Unit of Measure Management module for Dynamics GP comes in.  Part of the Trinity Distribution Suite, Unit of Measure directs the power of Dynamics GP software to provide all these facilities at the click of a button.

How to Manage Multiple Units of Measure (U of M) in Dynamics GP


Key Features

Key features and benefits of Item Life Cycle for Dynamics GP include the following:

Main Stock Unit Identification

This provides the facility to see a unit of measure, other than the base unit, as the unit in which items will be viewed. The main stock unit is the unit of measure most appropriate for viewing stock balances and transactions, so that all departments are viewing meaningful and relevant figures. This can be overridden on an item-by-item or widow-by-window basis, as required.

Sales Consolidation Unit Identification

In many business, the comparative volume of sales year over year provides a better measure of performance than revenue or margin, as price may fluctuate from year to year. For wine merchants, it is cases; for paper merchants, it is tonnage. This feature provides the facility to bring together sales information into a single meaningful unit that will provide invaluable sales performance information in all markets.

Split Pack Management

You may be requested to sell 173 individual unites on an item that is packed into unites of 12. Rather than selling 14.416667 cartons on an item, you can mark the item as split-pack and sell 14/5 cartons, meaning 14 cartons and 5 individual items.

Consolidate by Customer Reference

Facility to consolidate by customer reference, typically where customer are ordering in relation to one or more pre-set contracts. This will enable invoicing by contract per regular time period.

The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Unit of Measure module will benefit your inventory management process and business operations in the following ways:

Improve Stock Visibility – At any point, you can see stock levels in the terms that are meaningful to your role. This applies across look-ups as well as on individual items to that in inventory look-up during sales order entry, you can see stock in main selling unit, while the warehouse manager may want to see the same look-up displaying the main stock unit.

Enhanced Sales Analysis – Instant comparisons are shown between sales volumes year over year, which is the only true basis for measurement of sales activity performance level.

Split-pack Visibility – Improved accuracy is possible as documentation will show actual quantities and units to be picked with no decimal points with imperfect rounding.

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