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Advanced tools and options for the management of reserved stock (inventory) in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Commonly needed for food and wine distributors.

Every distribution business wants to minimize the number of returns it has to handle. Return transactions reduce revenue and generate cost, therefore when they do happen it is vital that they are managed as quickly and accurately as possible. That’s where the Trinity Returns Management module for Dynamics GP comes in – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite.

The Returns Management module speeds up the handling of returns and improves operational control. At a financial level, Returns Management can ensure that only valid returns linked to an originating invoice can be processed.

Returns Management in Sales Transaction Entry


Key Features

Key features and benefits of Returns Management for Dynamics GP include the following:

Returns Authorization and Collection

Returns Management allows for the introduction of operating procedures which ensure that only goods authorized for collection can be returned. Returns or ‘Collection’ notes can be printed. Where Vehicle Load Planning is in use these returns will be incorporated into the driver’s schedule.

Returns Authorization and Collection

The facility to relate a return to an originating invoice has many advantages. Firstly, it avoids the possibility of credits being claimed on goods that were not supplied originally. Secondly, it avoids the possibility of credits being claimed more than once against the same invoice line. Finally, it ensures that goods can be credited on the same-price basis as they were originally invoiced.

Step-by-Step Inventory Control

Returns Management allows for the creation of workflows for returns based upon the type-id of the document. This means that the return can be generated before it is known whether returned goods will be written off, returned to stock, or returned to vendor. Returns can be tracked through a series of user configurable stages such as ‘in inspection’ or ‘awaiting vendor response'.

Bulk Confirmation of Returns Documents

A new feature to enable the progression of multiple documents through the workflow steps. Ideal for companies dealing with larger volumes of returns.

The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Returns Management module will benefit your business operations in the following ways:

Selective empowerment – Authorized employees may be permitted to raise credits independently of invoices, but for others it may be valid to only permit the raising of a return against a specified invoice. Returns Management provides the facility to supply different levels of authorization to different users.

Managing the collection process – Returns Management recognizes that a return is a multi-stage process, often starting with a request for goods to be collected. The returns note ensures that only approved items are brought back from customer sites.

Automated credit valuation – Time can be lost and errors made valuing credits. This process may not be so difficult when the return is immediate but in some distribution businesses there are arrangements that allow for the return of unsold goods at the end of a season or a sales campaign. Returns Management automates credit valuation by using the price from the originating invoice, which can then if required, be overwritten by authorized users.

Inventory tracking – Specialized distribution businesses may require returned goods to be subject to analysis or inspection prior to a decision on whether or not to raise a credit, and if so for how much. This module allows for the easy identification and categorization of uncompleted returns.

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