Linked Item Selling Module for Dynamics GP

Generate Up-Sell Revenue

In many distribution businesses, the ability to make the most of every sales opportunity can be the determining factor between success and failure.

That’s where the Linked Item Selling module for Dynamics GP comes in – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite.  This simple but effective tool that helps ensure that the all-important opportunity to up-sell is not missed.

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Linked Item Selling for Dynamics GP include the following:

Linked Items Groups

This provides the facility to quickly build related groups of items for linked item selling. One or more of these items will be marked as a ‘trigger’ item. It’s the sale of a trigger item that will prompt a sales order taker to introduce the other items in the group.

Linked Item Selling

In Sales Transaction Entry the sale of a trigger item will automatically generate the appearance of a pop-up window showing the remaining items in that group. The pop-up window will also identify which of these items have already been included on this order. There is a standard Dynamics GP ‘notes box’ available for each linked group that may be used to hold features and benefits of buying the complimentary items. It’s simple to select a line from this pop-up window and drop it into the order.

The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Linked Item Selling module will benefit your customer service and operations in the following ways:

Instant sales tool – In an order-taking process where the customer is giving an order over the telephone, it’s easy to miss the opportuni­ty to introduce new or related products. As well as enhancing sales, it adds to the professionalism of the sales process to be able to provide information on new products at an appropriate time.

Complete the sale – There may be instances where it is important to introduce additional items to complete a sale. A support agreement, an installation kit, a toner cartridge for a new printer are all good examples. Using Linked Item Selling can help to increase sales, increase customer satisfaction and reduce unnecessary call-backs.

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