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How to Use Customer Quick Reports in SalesPad



Hi! This is Nick from Dynavistics, and this is a short video on how to setup and use customer quick reports and sales pad. To get started, the first thing we need to do is open up the security editor and navigate to the customer click report item. 


Next, let's create the quick report. I've got a generic quick report template here that I pulled from sales pads quick report documentation. I've pre-written a basic sequel query to pull the count of the number of times the customer has ordered an item. In order to have this quick report be automatically filtered by customer number and sales pad, we need to change the adware property to true. 


This will just add the sequel wear condition to the query and pass the current customer number in. I'm going to save the quick report into a quick reports folder on my PC. Keep in mind that you will need to specify the path to the quick reports file in sales pad. 

Also, make sure to set the save as type to all files, and add the “.sprept” at the end of the file name. All quick reports in sales pad need to be saved as a .sprept file or they will not work. 

Now, that we've created and saved our new quick report. Let's specify the path to the new file and sales pad under the quick report property in the security editor. In order for any security changes to be applied, we will need to save and then log out and log back in. 


Now, let’s open up a customer card and take a look at the new quick report we've just created. Here is the new quick report. As you can see, it displays the item number and the number of times the customer has ordered any given item. Also, notice that the quick report is only displaying information for the current customer we have open. 

Another thing to notice is that the quick report tab text shows customer quick report test. To change that, let's reopen the quick report we just created. The report name is what drives the quick report tab text within sales pad. Let's update that text to something that makes more sense. 

Now, the tab text is updated with the new report name text. So there you have it. We've just created a customer quick report. I hope you've enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more tips and tricks for sales pad. 

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