Features to Enhance Dynamics GP for Pricing

Do you need a way to charge your customers the right price every time? 

Would a highly functional pricing model in Microsoft Dynamics GP (including unlimited price lists, date-sensitive pricing, customer contracts and promotions) benefit your business? How about measuring anticipated and actual effect of rebates, allowances and adjustments on margin and commission? Are you looking for a way to pay your vendors the lowest price available on every purchase order? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then we have a solution for you. Below you’ll find 19 features to enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP for pricing:

Features & Screenshots

1) Quantity Break Discounts


Offer quantity break discounts across a range of items instead of just one item - colors, sizes, flavors, etc. Click here for your solution.

2) Trade Discounts

Automatically create trade discounts based on document value. Click here for your solution.

3) Set Prices


Set prices by adding value or percentage to item unit cost in cost book. Click here for your solution.

4) Pricing


Set price based on sales line item site ID. Click here for your solution.

5) Adjustments


Allow negative adjustments in Dynamics GP Extended Pricing Price Sheets. Click here for your solution.

6) Display Discounts


Display discounts applied on printed sales documents and report. Click here for your solution.

7) Pricing Options


Add a mix of free items to an order when a customer buys a set volume of a range of items. Click here for your solution.

8) Import / Export

Import and export prices from Excel to Extended Pricing. Click here for your solution.

9) Rebates


Track customer rebates and assign specific general ledger accounts for each rebate. Click here for your solution.

10) Invoice Deductions


Reduce customer's standard or extended price with off-list and off-invoice deductions. Click here for your solution.

11) Advanced Deductions


Accrue customer deductions for co-op, damages, etc., while recognizing the estimated deduction immediately. Click here for your solution.


12) Manage Customer Deductions


Accept or reject customer deductions during cash receipts or during the approval process. Click here for your solution.


13) Track Budget

Track budget vs. actual sales performance for customer rebates and promotions. Click here for your solution.

14) Track Vendor Price

Track upcoming vendor price changes while entering purchase. Click here for your solution.

15) Import Vendor Prices


Import vendor prices from excel or text files. Click here for your solution..

16) Effective Dates

Create effective dates for vendor prices to automatically change when new prices go into effect. Click here for your solution.

17) Quantity Break Pricing


Create quantity break pricing for vendor prices in purchase order entry. Click here for your solution.

18) View Item Costs


View all vendors and item costs for a single item on one screen. Click here for your solution.

19) Minimum Orders


 Set minimum orders by weight or quantity, and view during purchase order entry. Click here for your solution.

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