Extended Pricing Integration

Simplifies pricing with off-line data management, imports & exports that recognize Dynamics GP Extended Pricing

Distribution is typified by intense pricing competition. With pricing competition comes complexity, and often large volumes of price records are required to meet the needs of a diverse inventory and a demanding customer base.

That’s where the Extended Pricing Integration module for Dynamics GP comes in – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite.

Extended Pricing Integration simplifies the process with off-line data management that can be supported by data imports and exports that recognize and support the architecture of Dynamics GP Extended Pricing.

Video: Managing Customer Specific Pricing in Dynamics GP

Key Features

Key features and benefits of Extended Pricing Integration for Dynamics GP include the following:

Export Pricing Data

The Extended Pricing Integration module enables pricing data to be easily exported, ideal for organizations that wish to move pricing data in and out of Front Office.

Import Pricing Data

The Extended Pricing Integration module increases the functionality of Dynamics GP Extended Pricing by allowing the import of data from outside sources. For example, there may be a need to transfer pricing structures from an existing system into Dynamics GP. The Extended Pricing Integration module enables the retention of the integrity of any pricing data set up externally to GP by importing data from flat files directly from Excel.

Full Compatibility with MBS Extended Pricing

The Extended Pricing Integration module goes far beyond just importing a list of prices into Dynamics GP. Through one simple import routine it is possible to import and create extended pricing price books, price sheets (base and non-base), price sheet items and groups, promotions and free item promotions.

Customer Specific Pricing

 Get customer-specific prices up and running as quickly as possible. Through the import routine, it is possible to assign price books, sheets, etc. direct to customer files, ensuring that any customer price schemes to import are in place as and when they are required.


The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Extended Pricing Integration module will benefit your inventory management process and business operations in the following ways:

Accelerate data take-on – Pricing can often be one of the most data intensive areas of initial take-on. The Extended Pricing Integration module helps to accelerate this process while validating all input data to ensure its integrity.

Load new customer deals – One of the challenges for the team responsible for pricing data management can be to keep up with new deals as they are stuck by the sales team off-line. Using the Import, new prices can be brought straight in so that customers get the right price from day one. This brings more satisfaction, less credits, less labor, and fewer mistakes.


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