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Customizing Sales Document Entry Screen in SalesPad for GP



Hi! This is Nick from Dynavistics and this is a short video on sales document entry layout customization. First, we need to configure security to allow us to customize the layout on the sales document header. To do this, let's open security and search for sales document properties. 

Application SH 1

Under sales document properties, we need to set the allow screen layout customization property to true. Now, let's save our changes in logout and log back into sales pad. 

Now, that we've configured security to allow us to customize the layout of the sales document header. Let's open a document. It's important to note that these layouts are saved by document type and docx ID. In this case, we will be changing a quote with the docx ID standard quote. If we wanted the layout to apply to other docx types and ID's, we would need to make the changes on those types and save the layouts. 

SH 2

As you can see here, I’ve added two user-defined fields for this example that I want to add to the sales document header. Right click anywhere in the sales document header to bring up the customize layout dialog and select customize layout. 

SH 3

In this window, it will display all fields available to be added to the sales document header and the hidden items tab. Let's drag the two user fields I’ve just created onto the sales document header. The field will change its position based on where you drop it. As you can see, when I move my mouse around, it will highlight the area where it will drop. 

SH 4

I want these fields to be grouped like the rest of the fields in the sales document header. To group the fields, highlight them and right-click. This will bring up a new menu, where we can select group. 

The group label defaulted to item 0. To update the group label, right-click and select rename. Once you're done, making modifications to the layout, simply select save layout from the layout customization window. I hope you've enjoyed this video and stay tuned for more tips and tricks for sales pad. 

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