Consolidated Invoicing Module for Dynamics GP

Enables the ability to consolidate many deliveries into a single invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Minimizing cost while continuing to provide the highest level of customer service is at the heart of distribution. The ability to consolidate many deliveries into a single invoice can significantly reduce administrative overheads and simplify financial ledgers. That’s where the Consolidated Invoicing module for Dynamics GP comes in – part of the Trinity Distribution Suite.

Video: How to Manage Consolidated Invoicing in Dynamics GP

Consolidated Invoicing in Dynamics GP (Combined Invoicing)


Key Features

Key features and benefits of Duty Processing for Dynamics GP include the following:

Customer Options

Each customer can be given their own consolidation profile. This allows the user to specify how deliveries may be consolidated e.g. by debtor, by ship to address, at order level, or by date range. Customers can also receive the resulting invoices in detailed or summary form.

Automated Invoicing Routines

Consolidation and invoicing can be launched as a single routine, on a regular basis, without the need to go into individual customer accounts or batches.

Audit and Drill Down

Many delivery documents can be merged into a single invoice while retaining complete drill down links to originating deliveries and orders.

Invoice Documents

Customers can receive the resulting invoices in detailed or summary form to meet their individual requirements.

Document Numbering

Consolidated invoicing allows for the introduction of a separate ‘shipment’ document number if required, with the invoice number only issued at the point of posting,

ensuring an unbroken sequential invoice number series.

Consolidate by Customer Reference

Facility to consolidate by customer reference, typically where customers are ordering in relation to one or more pre-set contracts. This will enable invoicing by contract per regular time period.

The Benefits to Your Business

The key features included in the Trinity Consolidated Invoicing module will benefit your business operations in the following ways:

Win more key accounts – Large corporate accounts typically demand consolidated invoicing from their vendors. Being able to provide this option can make the difference between winning and losing a major account.

Save time and reduce paperwork – Many distribution customers may place orders and receive goods daily but only pay on monthly statement. The opportunity to provide a single consolidated invoice on a weekly or even monthly basis can substantially reduce handling costs.

Simplify accounts – High volume businesses can radically reduce the number of posted transactions in their receivables ledger. This means less general ledger transactions, simpler statements, faster cash posting, and most important of all, happier customers.

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