Customer Templates for Dynamics GP

Maximize sales and ensure that the customers get the products they need at the right price.

Successful distribution starts with successful selling. For many companies, this means having instant access to all of the information you need to maximize sales and ensure that the customer gets the product they need at the right price. With that goal in mind, the development team at Dynavistics built Customer Templates for Dynamics GP – part of our popular Trinity Distribution Suite.

Customer Templates Demo Video

How long does it take you to enter 10 items on a Microsoft Dynamics GP sales order? With Customer Templates, it takes only 21 seconds. Watch this video and see for yourself .

Customer Templates

Key Features

Key features of Customer Templates for Dynamics GP include the following:

Template Generation

Easy generation of a number of templates or ‘product lists’ can be attached to one or more customers.



Previous Order Templates

Through sales transaction entry, automatic generation and maintenance of specific historical templates, customer purchase patterns are recorded.

Template Selling

Direct access to one or more templates during order entry to use as a selling prompt or as a checking mechanism.

Drill Down

Drill down to a complete list of previous orders for each individual product showing price and quantity purchased. Additional drill down to show the document containing a particular individual order line.

Reports & Administration

Customer template reports and full housekeeping and purge facilities.

Restricted Sales Templates

Limited agreements enables the user to mark a customer record as ‘restricted’, so that the customer can only purchase items on that template.

How It All Benefits You

The key features included in the Trinity Customer Templates module will benefit your sales and operations in the following ways:

Selling up – identify those products that may have been missed by the customer but which are normally ordered.

Selling to price contact – create templates for products with contract price.

Price negotiation – see the prices your customer has paid previously and understand them in the context of the orders of which they formed a part.

Promotions – bring together all special deals in one template for ease of reference during telesales.

Spares and accessories lists – pull together any collection of products that have a logical connection. Ensure the correct spares are sold for the right product. Easily identify any uncharacteristic repeat failures of component spares.

Customer buying lists – templates can be sequenced to reflect customers’ buying behavior – possibly based on their own product codes or a personalized order form.

Early problem identification – identify those products that the customer appears to have stopped buying for no known reason.


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