Episode #55 : A Year-End Super Podcast

In this week’s episode of Enterprise Software Podcast, Todd, Bob & Darcy along with a few guests review the best of topics discussed in 2016.

Best of 2016

Dynamics 365 – Project Madeira

  • Ed Kless, Senior Director at Sage and Host on The Soul of Enterprise

Dug Burgum Governor of North Dakota

  • Jason Gumpert, Partner at GuidePoint Media, LLC and Editor of com and SageERPWire.com

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Product Releases

  • Wayne Schulz, of Schulz Consulting and Host of SMB Jumpstreet Podcast

Oracle acquires NetSuite

  • Peter Wolf, President of QuantaCRM and Azamba Consulting Group and Host of Azamba Consulting Group

Driverless Cars

Podcast Hosts Predictions for 2017

  1. Dynamics 365 rebranding to Dynamics 730?
  2. Someone steps up as the leader and voice of Dynamics 365
  3. SalesForce connects with a LinkedIn competitor
  4. Microsoft attempts to purchase SalesForce
  5. Emergence of products with connections to Blockchain, Bitcoin or cryptocurrency
  6. Digital Transformation
  7. Microsoft moves to the simplicity that customers want
  8. Look out for a game changer from Website Pipeline



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