Dynamics GP Extended HR and Payroll Suite Announcement Webinar

Dynamics GP Extended HR and Payroll Suite Announcement Webinar

Join our Integrity Data and Dynavistics webinar this Thursday to learn more about the recent announcement from Microsoft. You will learn how our HRP solutions can help eliminate the frustrations you have with HR and Payroll once and for all. 

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that your life is about to get BETTER as a user of Dynamics GP Human
Resources and Payroll Suite! Microsoft and Integrity Data have agreed to change our long-standing licensing
relationship, which will enable you to access EXPANDED, VALUABLE HR and Payroll functionality and
tremendous support directly from Integrity Data, the Dynamics HR and Payroll experts for over 25 YEARS!

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Does this affect me? 

  • Yes, this affects you if you are running Dynamics GP Payroll with Extended Human Resources and Payroll Suite modules
  • These modules include Advanced Payroll, Advanced
    Human Resources, PTO Manager, Payroll Extensions
    (Deductions in arrears, Payroll Integrations to Payables, and Overtime Rate manager).

The products you are using today with Dynamics GP Payroll are here to stay! As contracts end between companies, Integrity Data decided to keep developing the software products you use today, enhance them over the years and provide excellent service. Our commitment is to your people and your business. As a business, you will have additional payroll software solutions available. Our Integrity Data HRP for Dynamics GP and 365 Business Central offers all the powerful tools you need and more to manage and pay your people within Microsoft Dynamics® effectively and accurately. Imagine having all the powerful and flexible tools you need at your fingertips, on any device, to keep your people happy and productive through the entire employee lifecycle. From onboarding to payroll and compliance to exit—and everything in between—enjoy an easy, accurate, and cost-effective way to nurture your talent and grow your business.

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If you have any questions about the webinar or general questions about how we can help you, contact Dynavistics today!


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