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Do you get a lot of emails or phone calls from customers requesting another copy of their invoice? Do you wish you could change your accounts receivable (AR) and collections management process quickly, but are buried in hierarchy? If so, you are experiencing the stresses and inefficiencies of a manual workflow.

So, what do you do?

Fortunately, there are options available to automate accounts receivable and collections process workflows and streamline receivables management, credit and collections, and financial business processes. Collect-IT was designed to track accounts receivable information that might otherwise go unnoticed – generating customizable statements that allow users to maintain business relationships and provide customers with a more personalized experience.

Popular system features include:

  • Easy to use custom statement templates
  • Attachable invoices and statements to emails
  • Task list and calendar capabilities
  • Seamless Outlook and Excel integration
  • Custom collection support


These features also serve to provide a variety of short and long-term benefits including:

Improved Customer Communication

Staying in contact with your customers allows you to better manage accounts receivable, control credit and detect any potential issues. Using Collect-IT data, AR and credit collections professionals can reduce the number of accounts in bad debt status and improve the day’s sales outstanding.

Increased Collector Efficiency

Collect-IT seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system to minimize the time you spend collecting overdue invoices through programmed email messages, detailed task lists and an up-to-date calendar using its automated workflow functionality.

Increased Transparency and Reduced Operational Costs

Collect-IT was designed to improve transparency between sales, credit, and collections department, including convenient views by customer, collector, status, or task. The software’s easy-to-use features and functionality also require minimal user training – reducing labor costs and increasing user adoption.

Improved Collections Activity Tracking

Collect-IT provides users with the ability to easily attach invoices and statements to emails to provide customers with the information required to make payment decisions. The activities audit trail feature also offers real-time collections activity tracking and custom aging brackets that conveniently group customers based on the number of days an invoice is past due.

Enhanced Management of Unique Business Needs

Collect-IT provides users with consistent views of company performance and productivity
in one on-screen dashboard - allowing for more effective management of your business needs. The customizable collections strategies feature a variety of action statuses, performance tracking options, and on-demand call list development.

Support Desk Services to Keep Things Running Smoothly

The Collect-IT Support Desk will work with your team from software implementation to configuration to ensure continued ease of use with the platform.

Is your business considering an AR management solution to automate every day processes?

If so, click below to learn more about how Collect-IT can help.

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